The future of the new Huawei notebook is unclear

Published or Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Huawei is canceling the launch of a new Matebook laptop because of US blacklisting.

US huavei ban

Huawei says it’s scrapping laptop launch because of US blacklisting

Chinese tech giant Huawei has scrapped the launch of new laptop as a result of being effectively barred from doing business with American suppliers.

It’s the first product launch the company has cancelled as a result of being put on a blacklist restricting its access to U.S. technology.

Huawei cancels MateBook laptop launch because of US export ban

Huawei was planning to announce a new MateBook laptop this week, but an executive confirmed that the company cancelled the launch because of US sanctions against the Chinese company. It's not clear when—or whether—the laptop will be released.

The US has banned sales of technology to Huawei, which uses Intel chips and the Windows operating system in its MateBook PCs.