Trump's trade war with China is a dangerous game for US

Published or Updated: May 21, 2019

A bombastic song that glorifies the trade war between the United States and China is going viral on social media.

«Trade war! Trade war! Not afraid of the outrageous challenge! Not afraid of the outrageous challenge! A trade war is happening over the Pacific Ocean!»

Why trade war with China is a dangerous game for America

The Trump administration indeed deserves tremendous credit for our strong economy today, but this strength is no justification for imposing tariff policies that Americans, not the Chinese, end up paying for. The lessons of history demonstrate that a trade war between the two largest economies on the planet will do no good and plenty of harm.

U.S. business group says retaliation rising in China amid trade war

A top U.S. business lobby in China said on Wednesday that nearly half of its members are seeing non-tariff barrier retaliation in China as a result of the increasingly bitter trade war between Beijing and Washington.

China Rolls Out ‘Viral’ Trade War Song with Anti-American Lyrics

The song is ostensibly privately funded and repurposes the tune from an anti-Japanese song dating back to the 1960s. The new anti-American lyrics were written by Zhao Liangtian, a retired government official and “an accredited member of the Poetry Institute of China, which is affiliated with the Communist Party’s propaganda department,” as Bloomberg News noted.