Trump's trade obsessions can swamp the benefits of tax reform

Published or Updated: Jun 01, 2019

Trump hits Mexico on trade to solve a U.S. immigration mess.

Trump destroys tax reform

Trump absolutely destroyed by Wall Street Journal over ‘chaos’ created by his absurd Mexico tariff war

Always leery of economic chaos, the editorial board of the conservative Wall Street Journal dropped the hammer on President Donald Trump for announcing escalating tariffs on Mexico for a problem the Journal said Mexico can’t solve and is not responsible for.

Fears of fallout after Trump hits Mexico with new tariffs

US President Donald Trump's latest threat to impose tariffs on Mexico unless it cracks down on illegal immigration has sparked fears about the future of North American trade talks.

Tariffs are usually reserved for trade disputes, but President Trump says unless Mexico does more to stop large numbers of central American immigrants, a 5 per cent tax on all Mexican goods will be imposed on June 10.